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It's not about interesting design! It's about, making design interesting.
Matthew Takoda Ohitekah Abraham Master of Art Direction | The Academy of Visual Arts & Sciences-USA Cross Media Producer | Hochschule für digitale Medien - GER /// Executive Creative Director
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M.O.G ///MediaOpenGroup
is your partner for creative and stylish ADvertising concepts, specialized in brands and communication development, based on 25 winters of international experiences in visual communication and cinematic arrangements.

///We salute you.

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Creative Excellence in Design + Advertising
///Our Approach :: "Excellent Design Sells.

As a matter of fact, a beautiful and intelligently placed concept design can be highly essential for your business idea if you try to reach your financial objectives. But a beautiful design that isn't commercially conceptualized is just going to cost money and can’t reach its goals as expected.
:: In consideration of this fact, there are two principles we always follow:
1. Everything we create must be absolutely beautiful.
2. Our individual Concept Designs must be commercially useful.
Whatever it is, the result will always be stunning to look at and most importantly, it will be designed to increase the sales of your product or services in your specific market.
Strong ADvertising captures strong ideas and visions.
It expresses IDentity and delivers your message easily.


If you need clarity for your ideas and visions, we have the know-how to find a precise solution for you.

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Or if you need an extraordinary identity, we would love to create it for you.

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And if you need certainty how to express your message at best, we can help you find the right words.

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The difference between Ordinary & Extraordinary is just that little EXTRA!


Naming | Slogans | Color & Label Development


Corporate Identity | Logo Concept Design

ADvertising Creation Bricks

ADvertising Concepts for Print Productions and Web-Based Applications


Modern and flexible web design that optimally responds to the size and characteristics of the retrieving device.


Filming, Promotion Short Films, Teaser, Visualization of TV Programs, On Air Design, Station IDs + Commercial Breaks

:: The bricks of our services for a successful development and promotion of your company:
Brands and Company Analysis | Brand Positioning | Corporate Identity | Development of Integrated Communication Concepts
Lettering and Logo Development | Corporate Design Development | Typography and Office Equipment | Style Guides
Ads, Posters, Brochures, Folders, Flyers, Business Power-Point Presentation, Business Catalogs, Editorials, POS ~ Point of Sales Promotional Ideas | Corporate Videos and Teasers, TV and Web Commercials | Web Design Responsive Concepts: Development of Modern Corporate Websites, Online ADvertising: Social Media ~ Viral Marketing Ideas, Usability Optimization
///Worx Portfolio
These are beautiful problems in our playground for fresh great ideas! Here's a summary to take a look at:
Clients Website Portfolio 360°
Here's a summary to take a look at:
///Video Production
"A video is worth several 1000 words | Stay in motion!
Everyone can talk about your brand!
Our goal is to guide that conversation, so that everyone talk for your brand.

It's a simple fact that an efficient Motion Video with a combination of product promotion, interesting faces, affective language and music will stick in our mind for maximum effectiveness to reach the highest level of the human attention span.

///in short: Motion Video Productions have the power to get your message across enormously faster than text. Namely, 60.000 times faster! “Any questions?

///M.O.G Promotional Video :: Teaser "19
Video Gallery: Teaser | TV Commercial | On Air Design | Station ID's
A summary view of our video productions:
///Fine Arts
"Art under own management | Original + high quality Prints
:: individually designed Arts for Companies, Projects + Private

"Movements such as Pop Art, Street Art, Abstract Expressionism, Urban Art and finally Concept Art are proof enough that human creativity is far from being exhausted - even at times when it threatens to extinguish itself in its greed, to be new at all costs, in its fear of competing and in its dread, the actual danger in the current situation - of not keeping up with the market and sometimes when it sacrifices therefore even its true goals, to give in to the temptations and demands of the consumer society. But Fine Arts, no matter how you define it, must reflect in acceptance or rejection, the development of the society to which it belongs! That’s also how Modern Art inevitably reflects the complex and controversial social, political and ethical state of our civilization.

Fine Art Prints for fair prices
UV-Direct Print on Aluminum Composite, Forex and Canvas in UHD | 300dpi Resolution

The direct print in elegant semimatte on Aluminum Composite Panel and Forex (Rigid Foam Boards) are currently the first choice for the production of premium and modern art prints in highest quality. The semimatte surface is ideally suited for critical lighting conditions and can also be wiped off. The elegance therefor speaks for itself.

The eco-friendly UV Ink cures under the UV Light during the printing process, so that certain depressions can be arisen in the print. The effect is stunning. By this method of printing is no lamination necessary.
The 8 colors raster-free UV-Direct Printing on Aluminum Composite in Ultra HD generates a perfect color depth and is indoors UV resistant.

/// It's simply beautiful.

Copyright © Matthew Takoda Ohitekah Abraham Master of Art Direction | Cross Media Producer | Painting Artist

1. Fine Arts Portfolio | Painting

Matthew Takoda Ohitekah Abraham
42 sold Art Works © Now available as Prints
We gladly accept your inquiries by email.
2. Fine Arts Portfolio | digital Arts 360°

Matthew Takoda Ohitekah Abraham
18 NEW DIGITAL ART Creations
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Custom imprint design and style ideas for clothing

The textile and clothing industry is one of the most important consumer goods industries in the world and the market is overflowing with a variety of fashion trends.

But not all garments we buy are tastefully finished with an imprinted design! T-Shirts in particular have been among the best-selling garments since the 1980s, as they've become a cult worldwide and never go out of fashion.
T-Shirts are simply a daily companion.
:: We would like to contribute to this status by offering you stylish imprint design and style ideas for clothing. Each pattern is individually designed according to the theme or trends. Our creative possibilities are limitless and our know-how is based on long experience in the textile industry.

Catalog available soon for download!
t-shirt design
t-shirt design
t-shirt design
textile design

"An ADvertisement which fascinates will remain more notable and better kept in mind. It simply convinces.

///We salute you.