Image-No. 06 | Image-No. 07
Price each: € 150,-

Title-No. 06: Living Flowers | Original in 120 x 65 cm
Painting: Acryl + Oil on Wood | 2002 sold: € 900
Title-No. 07: Deception | 2019 Photography + Digital Art

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  • Size: 40 x 65 cm | 3mm Alu-Dibond in Ultra HD Print
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3mm Aluminum Dibond Plates for the Ultra HD Printing
Art Prints :: UV Direct Print on 3mm Alu-Dibond in Ultra HD Quality

The direct print in elegant semimatte on Alu-Dibond (Aluminum Composite Panel) is currently the first choice for the production of premium and modern art prints in highest quality.

The semimatte surface is ideally suited for critical lighting conditions and can also be wiped off. The elegance therefor speaks for itself.

The eco-friendly UV Ink cures under the UV Light during the printing process, so that certain depressions can be arisen in the print. The effect is stunning.

By this method of printing is no lamination necessary. The raster free UV direct printing on Alu-Dibond in Ultra HD generates a perfect color depth and is indoors UV resistant.

/// It's simply beautiful.